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Alet Uys Attorneys is a vibrant, dedicated, transparent and personal law firm based in Lynnwood, Pretoria. We accept all commercial and private matters. Our firm protects our clients’ interests with a solid foundation of legal knowledge and a large network of various specialist advocates.

Our ability to form genuine interpersonal relationships with our clients assures a spontaneous formation of trust that reinforces long term professional liaisons.

Alet Uys is the director of Alet Uys Attorneys. She holds a BComm (Law) LLB (UP) and distinguished herself as a judge of the UP Student Court. Alet Uys excelled academically and was part of the Faculty of Law’s Academic Merit List as well as a Golden Key International Academic Honorary Member.

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Legal Fields
  • Breach of contract
  • Buying and selling of goods: Agreements
  • Credit agreement disputes
  • I want to buy or sell a house
  • Litigation
  • Property disputes
  • Rental Agreements
  • School fee debt collection
  • Breach of commercial contract
  • Complex business agreements
  • Litigation
  • Urgent: I was arrested
  • Divorce
  • Getting married: Antenuptial Agreements
  • Injury at school
  • Mediation: Family plans
  • School disciplinary hearings
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Unfair labour practice
  • Unfair retrenchment
  • Conveyancers
  • Credit agreement disputes
  • Estate agent disputes
  • Estate Agent Lawyers
  • I want to buy or sell a house
  • Litigation
  • Problems with neighbours
  • Property disputes
  • Rental Agreements
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Alet Uys
Breach of commercial contract

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